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Tours Menu is a list of private trips in Ethiopia. Choose one of Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours to tailor your adventure to your liking. In the Menu, see services prices of all our guided tours in Ethiopia with details of inclusions/exclusions in the packages.

Explore our Tours Menu for a concise overview of exclusive guided trips in Ethiopia. Take your pick from a selection of private tours to Ethiopia which are sorted by interest and number of travel days. Please, select your preferred tour and tell us if you want to personalize it to your expectations.Visiting Lucy at National Museum of Ethiopia in Addis Ababa

We specialize in one day tours in Addis Ababa city and excursions near Addis. 

Ready-made Tours: We offer two pre-planned city tours in Addis Ababa

Half-Day City Tour (Approx. 5 hours): Explore the highlights of Addis Ababa, including Merkato Market, National Museum and Entoto Mountain.

Full-Day City Tour (Approx. 9 hours): Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Addis Ababa. In addition to what is included in the short tour, visit Ethnographic Museum, Saint George Cathedral, city drive and a traditional coffee ceremony.

Contact us today to discuss a personalized itinerary and create your dream Addis Ababa travels.

Scroll to the top and click 1-Day Tours to see all the best one day trips you can find in Addis Ababa.

Need some personalized advice on planning your visit to Addis Ababa? Reach out to us by giving us a call or text message on WhatsApp. We're genuinely thrilled to assist you in making your Ethiopian trip memorable and tailored just for you!

We also offer a short half-day city tour in Addis Ababa. This tour is ideal for transit passengers who have layovers at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.

With one-day tours around Addis Ababa visit cultural, natural, religious, wildlife, scenery and historical sites near Addis Ababa. The Day Tour to Debre Libanos Monastery takes you by drive with private vehicle to visit Debre Libanos Monsatery (Ethiopia's biggest monastery established in the 13th Century AD). Other places of visits with this day tour are Portuguese Bridge (16th Century AD) and fantastic view of the Jemma River Gorge. Visitors can also see Gelada Baboons (Ethiopian endemic) during this day trip from Addis Ababa.

Day Tour to Adadi Mariam Rock Church and Steles of Tiya is also our most popular 1-day private excursion from Addis Ababa. With this day tour, visit the unique still functional church of Adadi Mariam which is cut out of rock, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tiya.

Please, check also our two days tour from Addis Ababa.

NOTE: - We consider hotel accommodations which are clean, safe, quite and comfortable.
- All the vehicles considered are comfortable, insured, of very good condition, and are driven by experienced careful drivers.
- Vehicle we use for tours of Ethiopia in this menu is comfortable Toyota Minibus of 2017 Model.

NOTE - Please CONTACT US soon if you want the detailed day by day itinerary and other details of the following tours.

Ethiopia Tour # 001 – North by flight

Brief Description

Rock Cut Church of St. George at Lalibela

Ethiopia Tour # 001 is 7 days/ 7 nights private tour to visit the historical sites of Northern Ethiopia. With this guided tour of Northern Ethiopia (Classical Route), visit interesting historical and religious sites of Northern Ethiopia. Learn the ancient history of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity.

Please find other private one-week tours in Ethiopia.

For this one week tour, use the scheduled domestic flights of Ethiopian Airlines to travel around. Ethiopia Tour # 001 is perfect for tourists who wish to visit as many historical sites as possible with relatively lesser time.

Top-ranking places of visits during Ethiopia Tour #001 are:- 

the island monasteries of Lake Tana (near Bahir Dar),

Blue Nile Falls,

the Castle Compound of Gondar (UNESCO World Heritage Site),

the Steles (obelisks), Churches, and ruin places of Axum, and

the rock hewn churches of Lalibela.

Please, email Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours for prices or detailed itinerary of the one-week tour of Northern Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Tour # 002 – North by drive

Brief Description

Gelada Baboon - Endemic Mammal to EthiopiaEthiopia Tour # 002 is 14-days/ 14 nights private tour of northern Ethiopia by drive with comfortable private vehicle. This guided two weeks trip is organized in such a way that driving and visiting times are well balanced.

This tour of northern Ethiopia includes all the major places of visits which are registered by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites, local villages for cultural experience, the Simien Mountains National Park and also includes stops at great viewpoints to enjoy scenery.

Top attractions you will visit with two weeks tour of the historical, cultural, and religious tour of two weeks are: - 

  • Island monasteries of Lake Tana
  • The Blue Nile Falls
  • Castles of Gondar
  • Simien Mountains National Park
  • Rock Churches of Lalibela

Ethiopia Tour # 002 is ideal for visitors who would also like to enjoy the scenery and the way of life of the people along the way.

Contact us if you need further details about this 2-weeks tour of Northern Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Tour # 003 – North by drive and flight

Brief Description

BLACK HERON at Lake Ziway of South EthiopiaEthiopia tour # 003 is a private tour of 10 days/10 nights to the historical route of Northern Ethiopia. This private customable tour is a great combination of cultural experiences, historical visits, hiking, and religious attractions visits.

Ethiopia Tour #003 is recommended mainly for travelers who wish experience the way of living of the Ethiopian people (including backing Enjera - the Ethiopian Bread) by driving through the interesting villages of the Amhara and Tigre people.

Visiting the famous historical sites of Ethiopia which are registered by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites are part of Ethiopia Tour #003. With this tour, you avoid the least interesting and boring long drives by flying from one place of interest to the other. Ethiopia Tour #003 includes also visiting the Simien Mountains National Park (UNESCO World Heritage).

Send us text message on WhatsApp for quick informations about this tour of northern Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Tour # 004 – South by flight
Brief Description of Ethiopia Tour # 004

Preparing Enjera (Injera) - the Ethiopian National Bread

The southern part of Ethiopia, in contrast to the historical and religious sites of Northern Ethiopia, is noted for its cultural and natural attractions. The Lower Omo Valley is home to a number of distinct interesting cultural (ethnic) groups, chains of Rift Valley Lakes, and few national parks.

Here comes Ethiopia Tour # 004 (7 days/7nights tour) for tourists who have limited time and are interested to visit the colorful and friendly people of the Omo Valley who are located in the southern Ethiopia. Ethiopia Tour #004 is especially planned to help tourists have a glimpse of the semi-nomadic people of Ethiopia at their villages and colorful cultural weekly held local markets, with the least possible number of days. Ethiopia Tour #004 includes two domestic flights and visits of the major cultural and natural sites of southern Ethiopia.

With this private one week tour to the Omo Valley, you will

  • Learn how to make bread from roots of false banana tree as you visit a village of the Dorze tribe
  • Cross the Omo River by traditional boat and explore the villages of the Dasenech tribe
  • If lucky, you may see the cultural rituals of the ‘Bull Jumping’ ceremony of the Hamer tribe
  • Meet with locals from the Mursi tribe whose women are famous for inserting clay plates in their lower lips

If you are planning in visiting these tribes, book our 7-days private trip to the Omo Valley in South Ethiopia.

Note: For the sake of visiting as many of the colorful weekly held markets, this tour is supposed to start on Mondays from Addis Ababa.

Work with us to edit this tour to fit with your expectations, duration you want to spend, means of travel, and other requests.

Read reviews about our tours in Ethiopia and contact us soon to plan yours.

Ethiopia Tour # 005 – South by drive
Brief Description of Ethiopia Tour # 005

Ethiopia Tour # 005 is 12 days/12 nights private guided cultural tour to the Lower Omo Valley of Southern Ethiopia to meet interesting people of Southern Ethiopia and experience their culture. Ethiopia tour #005 is ideal in including three of the best weekly multiculturalWomen from Mursi Tribe of South Ethiopia markets of the tribal people of Ethiopia, and visits of almost all the interesting people at their villages.

Ethiopia tour #005 is a relaxed tour which is advisable for older people who want to take time at each place of visit. This tour is totally by drive with comfortable air-conditioned Toyota Land Cruiser or Toyota Minivan.

The cultural private tour to southern Ethiopia also includes visits to national parks. You can visit Chamo National Park, and Mago National Park with Ethiopia Tour#005.

For visitors who are inshort of time, Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours arranges the private tour of the Omo Valley considering local flights.

Contact us if you want to use the domestic flights of Ethiopian Airlines to Arba Minch or Jinka with a start from Addis Ababa.

If you are flexible with your travel dates, we help you create a private tour which includes visiting interesting weekly held local markets.

The best local markets you can consider visiting in the Omo Valley of South Ethiopia are: - 

  1. Monday Market of the Hamer people at Turmi Town
  2. Tuesday Market of the Hamer, Tsemai and Benna Tribes at Dimeka Town
  3. Thusday Market of the Ari, Tsemai and Benna tribes at Key Afer Town
  4. Saturday Market of the tribal people of Hamer, Benna, and Tsemai at Alduba Town

Contact us for pricing and details of the private tour to the Omo Valley of Southern Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Tour # 006 – North and Harar by flight
Brief Description of Ethiopia Tour # 006

Arthur Rimbaud (French Poet) House in Harar, EthiopiaTour of the Historical Sites of Ethiopia can’t be complete without visiting the interesting multi-cultural historic stone walled town of Harar in the Eastern part of Ethiopia. Harar was the medieval capital of Eastern Ethiopia and the fourth Holy City of Islam. It is also one of the Sites of Ethiopia registered by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. When visiting Harar Jegol, see the five original gates and stone walls. In the evening, visit "Hyena Man Show" as he feeds wild hyenas.

Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours organizes Ethiopia Tour # 006 to help travelers visit the historical and religious attractions of Northern Ethiopia, and Harar with the least possible time. Ethiopia Tour # 006 is by flight.

Price: 1 Person= 2,955 USD for one person travelling alone
2 People = 1,845 USD per person
3 People = 1,480 USD per person
4 People = 1,300 USD per person
5 People = 1,185 USD per person
6 People = 1,110 USD per person
Single Supplement = 175 US Dollars

Ethiopia Tour # 007 - North (flight) and Harar (drive)
Brief Description of Ethiopia Tour # 007

Hyena Man Show in Harar EthiopiaEthiopia Tour # 007 is a private guided tour in Ethiopia to visit the historical and religious sites of Northern Ethiopia with three days extension to the walled and old Muslim Capital of Ethiopia - Harar. Harar was the medieval capital Ethiopia and is inscribed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. At Harar, visit the interesting "Hyena Man" Show as the man feeds wild hyenas. Ethiopia Tour # 007, in addition to visit of the walled town of Harar (UNESCO World Heritage Site), offers visit of the largest Chat (mild Stimulant which is common in eastern Ethiopia) Market in Ethiopia at Aweday, and Awash National Park. Awash National Park is notable for its amazing collection of Ethiopian birds. Ethiopia Tour # 007 is by using domestic flights to the Northern Ethiopia and by drive with private vehicle to visit Harar and the Awash National Park.

Price: 1 Person= 3,530 USD for one person travelling alone
2 People = 2,120 USD per person
3 People = 1,650 USD per person
4 People = 1,420 USD per person
5 People = 1,275 USD per person
6 People = 1,185 USD per person
Single Supplement = 180 US Dollars

If you want to visit only Harar, you can take our two days trip to Harar by flight from Addis Ababa.

Ethiopia Tour # 008 – North (drive) and Harar (flight)
Brief Description of Ethiopia Tour # 008

One of the Gates of HararWith Ethiopia Tour # 008, visit the historical and religious sites of the northern  Ethiopia. Most of the places of interests to visit with the Northern Ethiopia tour are registered by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. The northern part of Ethiopia tour # 008 is by drive with comfortable and air conditioned Toyota Minivan of 2018 Model.

Driving in this part of Ethiopia is special in that visitors will visit the most colorful multicultural market of the people of Amhara, Afar, and Oromo at the town of Bati on Mondays. At the end of the northern part of this tour, Ethiopia tour # 008 takes travelers to the walled city of Harar by drive and fly back to Addis Ababa from Dire Dawa.

Price: 1 Person= 7,000 USD for one person travelling alone
2 People = 3,620 USD per person
3 People = 2,800 USD per person
4 People = 2,385 USD per person
5 People = 2,135 USD per person
6 People = 1,970 USD per person
Single Supplement = 280 US Dollars

Ethiopia Tour # 009 – North and Harar by drive
Brief Description of Ethiopia Tour # 009
Day-Tour-from-Addis-Ababa-Portuguese-Bridge-Merit-Ethiopian-Experience-Tours-Testimonials.jpgEthiopia Tour #009 is slightly different from Ethiopia Tour #008 in that the way to come back from Harar to Addis is by driving visiting the Awash National Park, and the crater lakes of Bishoftu. Other place of visit to expect when driving to Northern Ethiopia is Debre Libanos Monastery - the biggest monastery in Ethiopia dating back to the 13th Century AD.

Price: 1 Person= 5,750 USD for one person travelling alone
2 People = 3,420 USD per person
3 People = 2,640 USD per person
4 People = 2,255 USD per person
5 People = 2,020 USD per person
6 People = 1,865 USD per person
Single Supplement = 280 US Dollars

Ethiopia Tour # 010 – South and Bale Mountains
Brief Description of Ethiopia Tour # 010
Bird at Bale Mountains National ParkEthiopia Tour #010 is a 14 days/14 nights private trip to visit the Omo Valley tribal people of Southern Ethiopia. This tour takes also allows you to explore the chain of Ethiopian Rift Valley Lakes. In addition to this, Ethiopia Tour # 010 includes visits of the scenic Bale Mountains, and the endemic mammals of Ethiopia at the Bale Mountains National Park – the Ethiopian Wolf or the Simien Fox, the Mountain Nyala, and the Menelik Bushbuck. Bale Mountains is known as ‘Land of endemism’ because of being shelter to numerous endemic mammals and birds.

Price: 1 Person= 4,800 USD for one person travelling alone
2 People = 2,880 USD per person
3 People = 2,245 USD per person
4 People = 2,540 USD per person
5 People = 2,220 USD per person
6 People = 2,015 USD per person
Single Supplement = 295 US Dollars

Ethiopia Tour # 011 – South, Bale Mountains, and Harar
Brief Description of Ethiopia Tour # 011

Mountain Nyala at Bale Mountains National ParkEthiopia Tour #011 is a 16 day/16 nights tour. In addition to including all the features of Ethiopia Tour #010, this private guided tour of Ethiopia includes visiting the culturally and historical famous city of Harar in the eastern Ethiopia.

With this tour, visit the famous Bale Mountains National Park where you see three endemic mammals of Ethiopia - Mountain Nyala, Menelik Bushbuck, and Simien Fox (Ethiopian Wolf). Ethiopia Tour #011 is scheduled to bring visitors by flight back to Addis from Dire Dawa.

Price: 1 Person= 5,235 USD for one person travelling alone
2 People = 3,120 USD per person
3 People = 2,415 USD per person
4 People = 2,700 USD per person
5 People = 2,400 USD per person
6 People = 2,170 USD per person
Single Supplement = 210 US Dollars

IMPORTANT: When you ask for quotations, our prices of all tours above INCLUDE the following services: -

  • Accommodations on Twin/Double Bed Room sharing basis,

  • All admission/entrance fees,

  • All transfer in and transfer out services,

  • All ground transportations with fuel, driver’s allowance, insurance, and government tax,

  • Boat rent (where applicable),

  • Mule hire at Lalibela(where applicable),

  • Professional experienced English speaking local tour guides,

  • Air fare for tour guides (where applicable),

  • All local on-site tour guides,

  • Armed park scouts (where applicable),

  • Bottled water and local snacks in the vehicle,

  • All camping gears and cooking utensils, and

  • All necessary related government taxes.


  • Meals and drinks,
  • Domestic flight fare,
  • Expenses of personal nature such as souvenirs, tips for service people, fees to take picture and video, laundry, and
  • Any expense which is not mentioned in the ‘Included’ List above.

Besides the above trips, Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours [MEET] arranges special interest private tours to less visited parts of Ethiopia. Traveling to West Ethiopia allows you to uncover the unique culture of the Anguak and Nuer people near Gambella town.
With our special-interest tours, visit Southwest of Ethiopia and experience life of the semi-nomadic people of Surma or Suri.

Other customized tours in Ethiopia offered by Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours include: -

  • Local market and cultural experience tours
  • Wildlife and birding tours in Ethiopia
  • Danakil (or Afar Depression)
  • Health (Spa) Tours
  • And, tailor-made tours which fit visitors’ special requests.

Please, read testimonials of our previous visitors how they toured and enjoyed their Ethiopian Experience with Merit Tours. If you have any idea to make your time best with customized tours just contact us.


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