2 Day Tours

Two days private excursions near Addis Ababa - 2 Day Tours around Addis Ababa with local tour tour guide

Following are 2 Day Tours from Addis Ababa with private vehicle led by professional experienced English speaking tour guide. These tours include visiting interesting natural, historical, and cultural attractions in Ethiopia around Addis Ababa. Visiting parks and local family experiences are part of these 2 Day Tours.

NOTE - These private trips can be extended by adding more days or shortened to just 1 day tour.

2 Days Tour to the rock cut churches of Lalibela

Rock Church of Lalibela - 2 Days tour from Addis Ababa

This is two days private tour from Addis Ababa by using domestic flights of Ethiopian Airlines to visit the 11 rock cut churches of Lalibela (12th and 13th Century AD and UNESCO World Heritage Site) in the Northern Ethiopia. This tour can be customized to include more places of visits or other inquiries. Read more about the 2 Days Tour to Lalibela and contact us for more details.

2 Days Tour to the cultural stone walled city of Harar

With this private tour of 2 days from Addis Ababa, visit the historic and cultural town of Harar. Harar is a stone walled town, UNESCO World Heritage, and the fourth Holy City of Islam. Visitors experience unique and interesting culture, learn of Ethiopia's medieval history, visit ancient mosques and more at the stone walled city of Harar in the Eastern Ethiopia. This tour is planned by using two domestic flights. Check the details of Harar 2 days tour.

2 Days Tour to the Rift Valley Lakes of Langano and Lake Ziway

Travelers taking this 2 Days Tour to the Rift Valley Lakes of Langano and Ziway would drive with private vehicle to four Rift Valley lakes of Ethiopia. Professional experienced tour guide accompany visitors and help to learn local Ethiopian culture, enjoy views of the Rift Valley, and see a number of birds with a private boat ride at Lake Ziway. Visiting local villages and stops to take photo of the great scenery are included.

2 Days Tour to the Rift Valley Lakes of Abiyatta, Shalla, and Awassa

Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours offer of 2 days in the Rift Valley part of Ethiopia to see five of the Ethiopian Rift Valley Lakes. Nature and cultural experience are the main focus of this two days trip to the Rift Valley. This tour is by drive with comfortable air conditioned private vehicle and accompanied with tour guide. Best places of visits and things to do this vacation include are boat trip on Lake Ziway to see hippos and birds, Fish Market of Lake Awassa, and Tiya Steles Cemetery (14th Century AD).


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