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Discover Ethiopia with MEET: Your Guide to Addis Ababa and Beyond

Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours (MEET) is a local tour operator in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We organize private tours exclusively in Ethiopia with a special focus on short trips in and around Addis AbabaOur specialization is providing bespoke guided tours in Addis Ababa and the vicinity.

EthioPerience - TM of Merit Ethiopian Experience ToursETHIOPERIENCE is Ethiopian Tours of Great Merit tailored to your needs. Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours [MEET] designs your specific ETHIOPERIENCE™. We personalize your ETHIOPERIENCE™ to your personal interests, travel style, and expectations.

News: We're recognized for Excellence!

We're excited to announce that Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours (MEET) has been named the Most Client-Focused Bespoke Tour & Activities Agency 2024 - Ethiopia by LUXlife Magazine.

This Travel & Tourism Awards 2024 reflects our commitment to creating unforgettable, personalized experiences for each and every guest. At MEET, our passion lies in providing exceptional service personalized to visitors’ interests.

Let us design your dream Ethiopian adventure – contact us today and discover why we're award-winning!Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours (MEET) - the Most Client-Focused Bespoke Tour & Activities Agency 2024


Organizing inquiry-based custom-built tours in Ethiopia is what we do best. Contact us to plan and book private Ethiopian trips prepared based on your specifications.Local girls from Afar tribe in Ethiopia

If you require quick assistance, please

Experience Ethiopia authentically with Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours (MEET)! We specialize in crafting personalized, private tours in Ethiopia for individuals, couples, families, and small groups.

  • City tours in Addis Ababa - Explore Addis Ababa your way! Squeeze in the highlights with our half-day layover tour, or dive deeper with our full-day Addis adventure. Make your single-day private tour to Addis Ababa truly yours with our no-fuss hotel/airport pick-up and drop-off.
  • Day trips from Addis Ababa - Venture beyond Addis Ababa on our day trips to visit Debre Libanos Monastery, see the awe-inspiring Adadi Mariam Rock Church, or explore the stunning Rift Valley lakes. With our exciting 2-day tours from Addis Ababa, discover Lalibela's rock-hewn churches and the historic city of Harar.
  • Multi-day tours - From two-day trips near Addis to special interest adventures across Ethiopia, we have something for everyone. Work with us to create your perfect multi-day tour in Ethiopia that suits your desires and pace.

MEET the best. Contact us today to organize your Merited Ethiopian Experience with the leading sightseeing tour agency in Addis Ababa!

1 – ENTRY VISA TO ETHIOPIA You can obtain your visa to Ethiopia by applying online or on arrival at Addis Ababa Bole Int’l Airport. Check if you can get your visa to Ethiopia on-arrival.
NOTE - We advise you get your e-visa by online as there may be a long queue to get visa at the time you arrive at Addis Ababa. See other services at Addis Ababa airport by Ethiopian Airlines.

Or Apply for Entry Visas to Ethiopia Online in advance on the official website of Ethiopian Immigration and Citizenship Service website - https://www.evisa.gov.et/
2 – WHAT NOT TO BRING For security reasons, it is NOT ALLOWED to bring in drones, satellite phones, BINOCULARS, etc. to Addis Ababa. If you carry those items, it is better to check them into your next destination (when checking in to fly to Addis Ababa).


Recognized for our superior private tours in Addis Ababa and day trips near Addis, Typical Ethiopian rates us among the top ranking tour operators in Ethiopia for 2023.

Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours is among the list of 10 Top Tour Companies in Ethiopia for tourists in 2023

Our most popular and often booked tours are:-
- Full-Day City Tour of Addis Ababa
- Addis Ababa Half-Day City Tour
- Day trip to Debre Libanos Monastery, and
- Day Tour to Adadi Mariam Rock Church and Tiya Cemetery

Visitors choose our full-day (9 hours) Addis Ababa private tour because it is a great mix of varieties of places to explore. It also includes indulging in local activities to experience. Allowing the freedom of where (when) to start (end), where to go, and what to do in Addis Ababa, the full day tour helps visitors know Addis Ababa in depth.

If you need any information on planning your tours in Addis, send us a text message on WhatsApp.WhatsApp Logo GIF

Along with the sightseeing, our private city tour incorporates visits to the city's most popular attractions. Check out the best things-to-do in Addis Ababa to include in your full-day visits. Our Addis Ababa tours are perfect for first-time visitors to the city. You’re free to decide where to go and which attractions to visit in Addis Ababa. When booking the full-day guided tour in Addis Ababa, tell us what sort of local activities you wish to try.

Reasons to book day tours near Addis Ababa

In addition to our most well-liked tours in Addis Abeba and day excursions outside the city, we’ve more to offer. We provide flexible 2 or 3-day trips from Addis with customable itineraries.

See the list of 2 days tours near Addis Ababa we organize, and contact us for booking or customizing.

The long journey of Ethiopia with us takes you to the historical sites of northern Ethiopia. Discover ancient rock-carved churches of Tigray and Lalibela in the northern Ethiopia.

If you are interested in unique culture, visit the colorful interesting tribal people of the OMO Valley of southern Ethiopia. You can extend your multi-day tour in Ethiopia to visit the walled city of Harar with us. 

Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours [MEET] was established by Muluken Girma. Muluken is a professional Ethiopian tour operator and tour guide from Addis Ababa. Muluken Girma is shortly and fondly called MULÉ.Muluken Girma - tour operator and guide at Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours

MULÉ welcomes you to Ethiopia warmly, MEET MULÉ and his partners at - https://www.meetmule.com/

As a small tour operator in ongoing updates and coping with current tourism industry trends, we aim to be the #1 tour company in Ethiopia. We always update our offers to present you with unique Ethiopian tours and experiences that MERIT your visit.

We strive our best to add the utmost value to your tour of Addis Ababa in: -

- offering customized private tours created just for you

- providing safe travel experiences at all times

- conducting sustainable tourism responsibly

- offering easy payment options including booking tours online

Why to visit Addis Ababa with Merit Ethiopian Experience ToursWe accomplish the above core values in

1 - CUSTOMIZED PRIVATE TOURS - We know that no one tour suits and satisfies all travelers equally. We will tailor our finest private tours of Addis and around you based on the information you provide about your expectations. Your feedback guides our operators in tailoring your Addis Ababa city tour itinerary. We cooperate with you until all the specifics of your request are addressed.

The personalized travel experiences we design for you, which we call it EthioPerience, are guided by our expert tour guides. Of course, we allow you the highest degree of flexibility. Yes, it is EXCLUSIVELY YOUR TOUR.

Look at our interesting short day tours from Addis Ababa and allow us to assist you in traveling to Ethiopia with great MERIT.

Setting of cultural Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony2 – SAFE TRAVEL EXPERIENCES – The COVID-19 outbreak prompted us to update our travel standards, health protocol, and safety measures.

We understand your safety and security concerns as you travel. We've implemented comprehensive measures to ensure your well-being throughout your Addis Ababa adventure.

From providing complimentary hygiene kits with masks, sanitizers, and wipes to rigorously sanitizing our vehicles between stops, we ensure a clean and hygienic environment.

“The Best Experience in Addis for a Solo Traveler!”

. . . As a solo lady traveler, safety was my number 1 priority. I felt completely safe and actually was able to fully immerse myself in the culture. . .

Read the full review by Sim1LG on TripAdvisor on Feb 24, 2024

Our team members, including guides and drivers, are fully vaccinated against Corona. An all the local sites we take you to in Ethiopia are unique, safe, and still adventurous.

So, come discover the hidden gems of Addis, immerse yourself in the rich Ethiopian culture, and create lasting memories – all with peace of mind, knowing we're here to prioritize your safety every step of the way.

On your trips with us to Ethiopia, our knowledgeable tour guides make sure all the rules and regulations are followed. If you are more cautious, please tell us how to help you travel safely.

3 – SUSTAINABLE TOURISM - As you travel with Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours, we ensure you preserve the environment. We care for the destinations we take you to. We do our best to keep the environment in its originality (at least not ruining nature).

Our guides have a responsibility to make sure no waste (especially plastics) is left at the visited sites. During the rainy seasons in Ethiopia, we plant trees (two trees per visitor) at selected places our day tours from Addis Ababa run.

To take part in sustainable tourism in Ethiopia, we encourage our customers to use services by locals.

To enhance income-earning opportunities for residents, we encourage our visitors to: -
- buy domestically produced souvenirs,
- eat at local restaurants,
- employ local tour guides, and
- visit local villages (schools) when support is forwarded.

Travel with us to gain first-hand insightful information on authentic Ethiopian culture. With Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours, you help protect nature and contribute to the local economy at the same time.

Explore testimonials to experience the magic of Ethiopian culture through our travelers' eyes. Read real travelers' experiences and travel with a conscience!

4 – EASY PAYMENT OPTIONS – We work with the biggest OTAs (Online Travel Agents) to make it easier for you to book our tours online. Visit TripAdvisor, Tours by Locals, Viator, or TourHQ to find and book our Addis tours and short excursions around Addis Ababa.

Ring Road in Addis AbabaTo accept payments for tour bookings, we use secure and reliable third-party online payment systems. We also provide you with easy, affordable, and trusted online payment methods.

If you want to make payments using your credit cards, that is possible with us. Details are available upon request.

You can also schedule your trips and book directly with us. And pay in cash at the end of the tour in Addis Ababa. With Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours, you can book your trip with short notice. With a minimum of 6 hours' notice before the trip start time, you can see the best sights and things to do in Addis Ababa.

Our Mission

The mission of Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours [MEET], as a premier sightseeing tour agency, is to MEET and EXCEED our travelers’ expectations. We do it by providing high-quality specialized tours in Ethiopia. We aim to be the Travelers' Choice Best Tour Operator in Ethiopia.

We accomplish our mission WITH YOU, honored travelers. YOU HELP US create your personalized Ethiopian holiday itinerary. Our knowledgeable and well-trained staff will HELP YOU enjoy the tailor-made private trip to Ethiopia.Review us on Google

Crafting high-end tours is both our passion and daily practice. Experience excellence from your initial contact until you depart Ethiopia with lasting memories.

You deserve our Ethiopian tours of great MERIT! And we look forward to the AWARD – the prize of your authentic experiences in Ethiopia with us shared.

Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours (MEET) uses clean, modern, and fully insured comfortable vehicles.

The accommodations we use add great value to our excellence. We choose hotels for our tours in Ethiopia with careful assessment. We aim to make the overall travelers’ tours and experiences Merited.

We put all our efforts into making your travels to visit interesting tourist attractions in Ethiopia the most enjoyable.

Are you a business traveler in Addis Ababa/Ethiopia? Use our expertise to create a personalized trip around you. Or customize itineraries to visit intriguing places in Ethiopia near your workstations.

To make the most of your time visiting Ethiopia, it is natural that you seek trusted tour suppliers offering reasonable prices. We are Ethiopian tourism professionals taking it a step ahead. Allow us to personalize your tour of Ethiopia to EthioPerience Level.

We define EthioPerience as customized, immersive, personalized, and enriching tour experiences in Ethiopia. Our biggest assets to do it are all the professional, friendly, and informed tour guides/operators. EthioPerience is what awaits you at Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours [MEET]. MEET the best now, travel to Ethiopia with MERIT.

About Logo of Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours

Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours (MEET) logo is a traditional Ethiopian coffee pot. We use the Ethiopian national colors of Green, Yellow, and Red to decorate MEET's business logo.Logo of Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours

We choose the Ethiopian Coffee Pot as our logo, in relation to COFFEE, to show our:
- Authentic Ethiopian experiential tours – Coffee is originally from the Kaffa area in Western Ethiopia.
- Unique Ethiopian hospitality – Coffee is among the first things Ethiopians serve to welcome respected guests at home.
- Highest priority for customers’ satisfaction – Coffee takes priority for Ethiopia's economy.

To achieve our values, we rely on the knowledge, experience, and passion of our guides and tour operators. Making ourselves the best local tour operator in Ethiopia is the common goal of all our staff.

Our team is set and ready to provide you with a satisfactory, ethical, and professional tour experience in Ethiopia. Our local tour guide partners are knowledgeable, experienced, and sympathetic to visitors’ interests.

We know all our competitors promise to give you the best tour in Ethiopia. We are different in actually providing the best-personalized tour experience you look for.

Plan your holiday in Ethiopia with us and make your dream trip to Ethiopia a reality. If you are among the hundreds of visitors we hosted in Addis Ababa, please leave a review for Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours on Facebook.

Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours (MEET) organizes custom-made tours to all parts of Ethiopia. We fit fascinating things to do and the best places to visit in Ethiopia with your inquiry.

Things to do and activities you can expect to visit and experience in Ethiopia with us include:Saint George Rock Cut Church at Lalibela, Ethiopia

  • Discover the national parks of Ethiopia like the Simien Mountains National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site). See endemic mammals of Ethiopia – Gelada Baboon, Simien Fox, and Mountain Nyala.
  • Explore the Ethiopian wildlife at the Bale Mountains National Park. Enjoy game driving in Awash National Park to see Beisa Oryx and more.
  • Experience the unique and rich culture of Ethiopians. Visit the old and stone-walled city of Harar (UNESCO World Heritage Site) in eastern Ethiopia. Meet with the exotic cultural groups of the Omo Valley of Southern Ethiopia.
  • Learn the rich and ancient history of Ethiopia. Take a guided tour of the religious and historical sites of Northern Ethiopia. Know more about the rock churches of Lalibela and the castles of Gondar.

Click below to read our article about Timket the Ethiopian Epiphany at Lalibela on Travel Massive

An Epiphany in Ethiopia featured on Travel Massive

Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours (MEET) provides the best tours and experiences to the above places of visit in Ethiopia. We do our best to be the best tour and travel companies in Ethiopia. Plan your travels with the best Ethiopian tour operator. #Merit #Tours of #Ethiopia with us and experience with excellence.

Traditional Ethiopian Coffee CeremonyAddis Ababa City Tours is what set us apart and atop Ethiopian tour operators (companies). Tailor tours in Addis Ababa to include top things to do in Addis Ababa and your specific preferences.

Addis Tours is mainly for transit (layover) passengers at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Reserve our half-day private Addis Ababa tour to visit and enjoy the following activities.

Top places of visits you’ll see with our city tour in Addis Ababa:
- National Museum of Ethiopia (home of Lucy - the fossils of the oldest hominid),
- Holy Trinity Cathedral (where you see the graves of Emperor Haile Selassie I), and
- Merkato Market (or Addis Mercato) - the biggest outdoor market in Africa.

We also help you enjoy local activities you shouldn’t miss while you’re in Addis Ababa. Learn and try cooking Enjera (Ethiopian Bread). Taste Tej (Ethiopian honey wine), and attend the cultural Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony. Your visit to Addis Ababa city is open for customization.

Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours (MEET) provides unique tours and experiences to the above places of visits to Ethiopia.Colobus Monkeys at the Rift Valley Lake of Awassa

As a local tour operator in Ethiopia organizing package tours, we also provide the following services: -

  • Car Rental in Addis Ababa and out of Addis Ababa
  • Travel-related logistic services
  • Private airport-hotel transfer in and out services

By contacting us, you can easily predetermine how exciting your tour to Ethiopia would be. Examine how your one-to-one pre-tour arrangements are handled and organized professionally.

Please look at the Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours on TripAdvisor.com

Then, search "Full-Day City Tour of Addis Ababa" on Viator.com to book our tours online.

Did you travel to Ethiopia or visited Addis Ababa with us before? Please take a moment to share your experience on TripAdvisor by clicking the link below. Thank you!

Connection is the key to opportunities – Contact us and let us know how we can help you.

Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours (MEET) is established to provide the best tour and travel service you deserve. MEET us and travel to Ethiopia Merited!

If you want to meet us before you arrive in Ethiopia, check out our LIVE tour. We offer an online in-person Virtual tour in Addis Ababa. Please, check the details of this LIVE Online Tour in Addis Ababa.


Check entry requirements and travel advices on Ethiopia.

Travel Safe!!


Book EthioPerience!

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